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I currently work as an Education Technology Adviser at the Australian National University and am also a Wiki Educator and and Wiki Ambassador in training...

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My passion and love is languages and using technology to inspire, motivate and engage students, but in my past and current role I have helped teachers and academics in a variety of fields to embrace technology in teaching and learning so I hope you find some of the ideas and tools in these pages useful.

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2013 Moodle Posium "Moodle&Mobile"

Mobile devices have opened a vast opportunity to tap into the simplicity of educational apps to create teaching resources. From apps to teach Japanese character writing to mini “how to” video lesson it is all now possible, often for free or at a fraction of the cost of traditional software. The other opportunity offered by mobile technology is the ease for students to use apps to create alternative assessment items like podcasts or video presentation. Moodle easily integrates resources and activities created with mobile devices and allows the teacher to add an extra dimension to the learning space without having to use costly software or customize the learning management system at server level with plug ins. In this presentation I will show some apps that can be utilized for both teaching and learning, will present some example on how this apps have been used in some courses at ANU and will also discuss the current use of e-pubs in language learning courses. Although this presentation will focus on teaching languages and use of iPads some of the ideas and principles can be easily adapted for other areas of teaching and android use.

2013 THETA and LCNAU conference "Language in my pocket"

Will post here image of my poster soon and link to resources about mobile technology and language learning
Thank you to all of those that came to my poster presentation and the round table session at the LCNAU conference.

Click here to download or view poster

2012 Moodle Posium "What I love about Moodle"

In this presentation I will show some of my favorite tools and a few "extra" accessories in Moodle

All the information and links are in this Wikispace, in the navigation bar you will find the Moodle 2. plus section, Moodle tips, Using collaborative tools, using Widgets, etc.

2012 Talanoa conference

Language in my pocket presentation - Podcast of presentation here.

2012 College of Asia and the Pacific Showcase

The College of Asia and the Pacific are running the ‘innovative use of technologies in education showcase’ over four days from Tuesday 18 September.

The showcase will launch of the Digital Learning Development Project, which will develop a community of scholars where undergraduate and postgraduate students interact with staff in an innovative teaching and learning environment. Students from education programs across the College will participate in a blended learning environment. The Project will also promote the creative use of online and multi-media resources to enhance the student learning experience. Read more

2012 Moodle Moot - Plug me in!!!

The presentation aims at showing some tips and ideas to transform your Moodle site into a personalized language education hub. Adding interesting widgets, student response apps, glossaries, etc. I will show you how you can offer students an array of resources and activities easily from the comfort of the your Moodle Site. Although this presentation is especially designed for Language Teaching anyone interested in having students “plugged in” and engaged is welcome.

Using talking Widgets in your language class (widgets info to be found here)
Blocks in activities and using Socrative (Socrative and other free resources here)
The external tool and what it can do for you (using the external tool info can be found here)

Links to Moodle demo sites:


Tuttoitaliano webpage and Tuttoitaliano Virtual Resource Centre for the resource centre use the log in guest1 and password Guest&123

Important Notice: The above sites are in the progress of being migrated to a new domain (tuttoitaliano.org.au) please be patient while the migration and updating is taking place.

Thank you for coming to my presentation today. If you like to see what a report from a Socrative activity looks like here you can download the results for the mini-quiz a ran during the presentation.

If you like to provide a feedback to my presentation click here and type the room number 19257. I will leave the quiz opened till 5.00 p.m. today 3rd July.

2011 Moodle Posium

Stretching the boundaries: interesting ways to use the Feedback module

What is the feedback module? According to Moodle Docs "The Feedback module
allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from students",
but actually with a bit of imagination it can become a great teaching tool.
In my presentation, I will show some examples and give some tips on how
to use this module in more creative ways.

Spicing up your Moodle site with widgets

A widget is a small piece of code that can be embedded in webpages, blogs, etc. There are many types of widgets from calendars to online dictionaries and widgets to collect your favorite Youtube videos.
In Moodlle widgets can be embedded in webpages, books and even on their own in a block.
The presentation will show how widgets have been used to add interest to a Moodle site created to promote Italian by complementing it with appropriate materials as well as sharing tips and sites to use.

links are on the side navigation or can be fund here:

Using the feedback tool - Using Widgets in Moodle

2010 Moodle Posium presentation

Freebies and tips

Let’s face it we have all been in similar situations: need to convert something for our Moodle site, need to find that graphic without breaching copyrights, download that video from YouTube without hassles or just using Moodle resources in a more creative way. We are also always on the look out for that great tool that is not going to break the budget but would really make learning easier for our students.
In this presentation I will be sharing with you some of my best freebies and tips hopefully making your Moodle creating job easier and enjoyable.
Although this presentation is mainly aimed at Language Teaching, the resources and tips highlighted can be used in many other areas of teaching.

The full presentation materials from the 2010 presentation will be available to download (zipped) here

8th October 2010

A really big thank you to all of those who came to my presentation I do hope you stay in touch



27th November 2010 - thank you for coming to my workshop at USQ - for access to my personal Moodle site with examples of the Opera Course materials and Italiano Viaggiando project go to - http://mondomediaeducational.com/lms/grmdl/ and use the username myguest and password myguest.

and a link to one my all time favorite people Sir Ken Robins