The following resources were not part of the original Moodle Posium presentation as there was not time to explore them properly.

eXe - great open source tool to produce html based teaching materials, in fact the more I use it the more I like it!

Evernote - I have just discovered this one and I am still working out it's "learning" potentials but it is a great tool to organize and remember ideas and information. Since my last update I have used Evernote more and found it to b be a great learning tool. For example you can set up a class Evernote and get students to post activities from their text book ( oral, written) directly in the Evernote account - fantastic for language teaching.

Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers it comes with video tutorials and it is now available for both Mac and PC platforms

Sourceforge - to find open source software
This site will be updated from time to time so come back for new additions.

In the list of free resources I mentioned the Open Educational Resource site, here is a sample of free texts available on this site.