free to try or free to use online resources

Before becoming a lecturer in Technology and Education, in the many years that I have been a language teacher I have learned to find and utilize free resources since the budget I had for my subject was always quite small. What started off being a disadvantage become a real advantage as I ended up having a greater choice of resources than my colleagues who had lot more money to spend.
Over time I have accumulated a really well stocked "teacher toolbox" that did not cost me anything . So here are a few of my best and trusted tools that have become part of my everyday teaching. Now that I work as an Education Technology Advisor the ability to find great tools that are free has become even more more important.

Acapela - Text to speach
Audacity - Free, open source software for recording and editing sounds - Free mind mapping tool
Download helper - Firefox extension to down load videos for Youtube like webpages
Edmodo - Private micro-blogging platform built for use by teachers and students
eXe- easy to use authoring application for Mac and PC
GoAnimateGreat site to create animations
Glogster - Interactive poster creator
Hotpotatoes - Free application to create language learning activities (used this for years)
KeepVid - Download and save videos from Youtube (with Zamzar one of my treasured finds!)
LunaPic Free online photo editor
MindMeister - online mind mapping tool
Miro Converter -the easy way to convert video for Mac
Open Educational Resources - Selection of free resources for teaching
Open Culture - Some of the best educational media
Public Domain Images - copyright free images
Quandary - Free application to create web-based action mazes
Quizlet - Create Flash cards online for free
Shutterfly -Free online photo album
Socrative - Free student response system that works on any devices connected to the internet
TonDoo - Create cartoons for free
Voki- Speaking Avatars for you webpage in many different languages (great tool for language learning)

Things that make my life easier:

Zamzar- Free online conversion tool (one of my staple sites to help me deal with problem files) upload a file, choose how you would like to have it converted, pop in an email address and the converted file is made available to you.
A personal note about Zamzar - I have used, use and recommend this site on just about anytime I do a presentation or workshop for technology in education and every time I get people amazed that they had no idea there was something so easy to use!!!

Send to Dropbox - creates a unique email address for your Dropbox that you can use to send files directly to your Dropbox, zipped folders can be automatically unzipped.

Discovered this lately and I am finding interesting ways to use it, like showing people where to plug things in for the MacMini we use with some of our Smart Boards

Although the next few resources are not part of my staple tool box, have nevertheless good educational potential so keep them in mind

Virtual keyboard - English, French, Italian. German and Spanish virtual keyboard

Testing at the moment:

The following are not yet made it to my top list as I am still testing them but you are welcome to explore their potential in the mean time:

30hands app
Make Belief Comic Strip Creator App

and the search continues......