As the university where I work will shortly move to Moodle 2.2 I have decided to include this page about features in the new Moodle I find particularly good from an educational point of view. So come back often to see what I discover as I learn about the new Moodle.
Happy teaching!

Adding blocks in activities and resources

Do you need to give students extra information, tools, resources that are specific for that part of you course but you don't want to clutter the main page with everything? Welcome to blocks anywhere. This is a really nice addition to Moodle and one that I will recommend you to try out.

The external tool

This is a tool that can really change the way we use LMS. The boundaries between what resides withing your course and the outside world are now easy to cross and of all the improvements in the new Moodle this is the one that excites me the most. You can now deploy learning resources and activities from the comfort of your own Moodle allowing you to truly create your own personalized learning and teaching environment. It is actually not a very difficult thing to set up and manage and as more resources will be made available to be shared this way the more this tool will become one of my favorite. You can also link and share resources, activities, etc with colleagues without having to duplicate work (the part I am currently investigating).

Instructions and info regarding the external tool

video demonstrating some of the external tool possibilities

video showing how to plug in Moodle in other LMS

LTI examples

Some of ma favourite plugins

PoodLL is an open source Language Lab as well as a set of great widgets, I have installed it in one of my test Moodle Sites and I really like it. for more info

Creating IMS packages using Exe