Moodle tips

Using directories (now called files in Moodle 2 +)

The directory tool is a great way to organize and deliver materials such as tutorial and lecture notes, media (video/audio) and other files to students ready for download.
Setting up the directory tool needs a little organization as the files to be made available for students need to be enclosed in a folder in the Moodle folder directory, you can also create sub-folders according to your needs (see image below)
Once this is done just go to add a resource, create directory and set it up, You need to make sure you specify the correct folder or your students will have access to all your materials (main directory)
instructions here

Linking activities in the webpage tool (un-cluttering your Moodle)

One of the easiest way to un-clutter your Moodle page is to use the webpage tool to organize your lessons, weekly tutorial or lectures, etc. Like a well structured lesson plan you can start off with an introduction , then list resources, activities and if you like add a concluding note or follow up information.
To learn how to use the webpage tool look here

Books and more books - a nicer way to organize materials and tutorials (my absolute favorite for many years!!!)

If you like you can also use the book tool, this is especially useful if you teach in modules or your weekly schedule has many parts (lecture notes, hand outs, videos, quizzes, etc). The book allows you to organize everything in a logical way making it easier for your students to navigate the different parts of the session or module. Like a good "textbook" allows the student to quickly locate everything they need for a specific topic without having to scroll up and down the Moodle page.
Instructions here

Lightbox gallery for learning purposes

Images can be a very powerful way to convey information and engage your student. The lightbox gallery tool in Moodle allows you to display images in a self contained environment were you can also add information like captions and comments. The ability of making comments is something that can be activated for students as well as teachers thus making it a great tool for learning.
Instructions here