Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to be involved in some really great projects, may of these projects served as a way for me to explore and test ideas for technologies in the learning space, here are just a few:

I am currently working to support small enrollment languages integrating online and mobile teaching techniques and resources at ANU.

Language in my pocket project - using e-pub to teach languages, multimedia e-pubs for Sanskrit, Tetum, Vietnamese and Thai. (See also the Talanoa presentation podcast on the main page for info)

Currently working on Mongolian online, Tibetan online, etext project for Indonesian, Second Year etext for Sanskrit.

In the past 5 years I have participated in a project with the School of Science Education at UC (University of Canberra) with students using wikispaces and podcasts as an alternative assessment, the project was began by Dr. Jim Woolnough and is currently headed by Associate Professor Leah Moore. (course outline link from 2010)

L'Italiano Viaggiando- blog style multimedia module for Italian Learners ( Italian Program 2007 - 2009 online learning resources for Italian students at ANU)

Italian for Opera Singers - project in collaboration with Grazia Micciche and Alan Hicks School of Music 2010 (this course introduced the idea of the "multimedia book module" fully downloadable. idea that was further developed and refined for the epub project)

Tuttoitaliano portal (in Moodle) was project for the Italian Embassy with a Virtual Resource Centre, many widgets and other extensions in Moodle were tested and used in this portal. The site has now being retired and I wish to thank the Italian Embassy for their support in this project.

150 anni d'Italia project - CD resource package for schools in Australian produced by the Italian Embassy (this project was the first fully developed product using eXe)

My other passion is cooking and the pioneering project for testing the ebooks in epub format was when I started creating my cookbooks (link to example coming soon)

As many of these projects are done with other colleagues and I will have to get their permission to give access to sites, specific information can be requested by contacting me via email.