Some of my true and tested quiz tools

Hotpotatoes has been around for a very long time. It is a free quiz maker that can be used for producing html based resources for self testing.
Aside the classic type match quizzes, drag and drop, etc. Hotpotates can easily create cloze activities as well as drag and drop sentences.
Hotpotates in detail:
JMatch use to create drag and drop match activities
JCloze – you classic cloze activity where students have to write the missing word
JCross – to create crossword activities
JMix – Like JMatch but you can create drag and drop sentences, great for reassembling text passages.
The Masher - is a tool for automatically compiling batches of Hot Potatoes exercises into units.
Downloading Hotpotates click here
You can access tutorial for Hotpotates here
And there are many Youtube videos about Hotpotatoes such as the ones found here

Zoho Challenge quiz creator.
Zoho is a collection of cloud resources, from wordprocessing to presentation tools. It is also a great way to create online quizzes
Not only the quiz is created online, but Zoho tracks the info of those taking the test including time the quiz was taken, scores, etc.
You do need to log in either as a Zoho member (free) or if you have a Google account you can access Zoho via the Google Log in option.
Click here to access Zoho Challenge quiz creator and try it out.

Now for some fun in merging some free quiz making magic and your LMS or webpage, wiki, etc..
This time we are exploring QuizBox and once again we can build a very simple quiz just by following the online instructions. Once the quiz is created you can copy and paste the code in a webpage by using the “View” and “page source” menu in your browser.
The cheat secret is that once you have done that and pasted it in your LMS (using tools such as Webpage in Moodle for example) not only can you have a self marking quiz but you can edit it, add media, images, etc.

More quiz tools:
Quizlet - simple and easy to use
Quizdini - great quiz tool to add explanations to answers
Imagequiz - image based quiz
Blubbr - quizzes using videos

For your mobile devices try

Socrative and Quiz your Lizard