"Your mission, if you choose to accept it .........."

is to discover that the poor Feedback tool can do more that just getting you feedback about your course

Usually the feedback tool in Moodle is used to collect feedback on the course or specific aspects of the course. The fact that the feedback tool (differently from the survey tool) allows you to create your own questions and even embed media offers the possibility to utilize this tool for other purposes. It can be used as a self reflecting activity, to summarize what students have learned for a particular topic, to get to know your students, to get to know prerequisites, etc. In fact you can get very creative with the feedback tool.
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Examples of activities created with Feedback

Language activity (Friendship bingo), this is a great ice breaking activity. Students are directed to read the questions they need to answer and than go around the classroom and in the target language find the information to fill in the activity.

What did you learn so far.... The feedback tool can be set up with snippets of information from the course (points from lectures, extracts from reading, clips of videos or sound files, etc) accompanied by appropriate questions to find out what students have learned so far.

Assignment cover sheet. Instead of having a word document or other file as an assignment cover sheet the feedback tool can be customised to collect the information you need (student name, number, title of assignment, tutor name and plagiarism policy link) and then once completed the students can be directed to the part where they can upload their assignment.

Lecture discussions/participation - instead of using the forum where it easy to be less engaged and just compile a posting by rehashing what other students have said use the feedback tool to pose some targeted questions about the lecture and collect thus the evidence of participation and engagement.

Learning journey reflection

The best part of the feedback tool is not only that you can view immediately but you can download the responses in an Excel file with all the extra bits that can be done in that.

So don't be shy give the feedback tool a go!

To all the people who came to my presentation today at the Moodle Posium thank you for coming!!!!!