Tips for students

Dear students, it is not only teachers who appreciate ideas,tools, tips and shortcuts in using technology. This page is dedicated to students and I will be adding interesting links, articles and tips specifically for students. Enjoy!

10 Tips for Using Evernote to De-Stress College from Student Ambassador Megan Cotter

The ultimate student resource list by Dustin Wax

A great app to record and annotate lectures for iPad and iPhone is Audiolio ($1.99)

Need to save pages to read later on your iPhone or iPad use Instapaper not free ($4.49) but it does help if you want to read things online

Need to be more organized in your study then use iStudiez there is a free version if you like to check it out before getting your wallet out!

Another great app that is worth it's price is TextGrabber, especially if you language is not English and you need to have a quick "gist" of what an article is all about but it is paper based.

Sometimes you need to grab text from a textbook, printed pdf, or other document to annotate and save for your study or you need upload a pdf version of your handwritten work to your teacher or to share with other students. A couple of suggestions are:

and more to stay tuned!