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Padlet demo

My personal list of "must have on my iPad"

ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator



Dropbox (in Moodle 2.+ you will be able to import files from Dropbox)

Sugarsync (if you like Dropbox you are going to love this too)


Pages for iPad

QuickVoice Recorder

iAnnotate PDF

iMovie for iPad



Smartboard notebook -ipad version of the software to create SmartBoard lessons

Google tools for iPad

Explain Everything

Socrative (alternative for using clikers)

SoundNote (this would be a great tool for language teaching)

WiFi Transfer - good way to transfer videos and photos from your iPad via wireless (there are similar apps for androids)

Photon Flash player browser for iPad (not free, a bit slow but useful if you like to access flash based resources)

Other useful ideas for mobile devices:

using QR Codes:

QR code generator

QR code reader